Thank you for visiting and showcasing our homes to your clients.

We would like to take the time to go over our guidelines to guarantee your commission on the sale. We are asking for your help in order to do this.

1. We want the Realtor® to accompany each homebuyer into our office, introduce your client and fill out a registration card completely. The registration card must detail the client’s name, address and telephone numbers to allow us to contact them directly.

2. Our sales representative will show the display, subdivision plats, home plans and introduce your client to our standards. Please feel free to interject your thoughts at any point in this process. If more than one visit is necessary the Realtor® is not required to attend any subsequent meetings.

3. Huntington Chase Corporation sales contracts will be used exclusively. No standard real estate contract will be used. All title commitments will be ordered through Advanced Title Solutions, O’Fallon IL. Lender information and any Realtor® brokerage forms will be needed at time of contract.

4. Commission will be paid to one Realtor® broker at closing. If conflict of commission occurs we will submit it to the Belleville Association of Realtor®’s for resolution.

5. Huntington Chase will pay a total of 2.5% of the original contract price to the agents broker at the time of closing.